Atelier tee-el has been given carte blanche for Zero new-build home

News overview

Architects Tom Vanackere and Lies Timmermans of Atelier tee-el were given complete freedom by the client for a new building in Sint-Joris-Winge (BE). But within the specified outlines. The single-family home with professional working space was no simple construction programme. It is conceived as a perfectly made-to-measure suit.

One of the accents is the spacious workshop for the husband of the couple. In fact, he specialises in restoring motor vehicles and motor diagnosis. That meant that the design of the ground floor was much more extensive than the floor above. For the space still available on the upper floor, the idea immediately came to mind of having a spacious roof terrace for an oasis of peace.

The client opted for ZERO brick for the façades, in the colour Leto, because of its overall sobriety and durability. With ZERO you get a pure, restrained brick façade without visible pointing, for a modern look. That means that the colour of the brick is not influenced by the colour of the pointing. Architect Tom Vanackere: "I like working with ZERO brick, but I realise that it's important to keep the contractor on board. Otherwise you lose quality in the execution." Brickwork without pointing always needs a bit more care than you need for traditional brickwork. This is why the Vandersanden Group also gives tips and advice on preparing and placing ZERO.

The result of this new-build home demonstrates that the quality of the architecture is often directly proportional to the client's trust in the designer. This home was consequently selected for the open-house weekend "Mijn Huis Mijn Architect" ("My House, My Architect"). Many enthusiasts came to view the house on 29 and 30 September.