Specially developed Cameo brick for Isala Clinics in Zwolle (NL)

News overview

Architect's firm Alberts & Van Huut have designed high-profile buildings in the health care sector before and the Isala building is definitely a high-profile design. The large hospital consists of 4 buildings (butterflies). The soft colours, natural materials and an abundance of greenery create a link to the human aspect. The architects used the area surrounding Isala as part of their inspiration. Elements such as the open landscape and the old town centre of Zwolle are recurring elements in the design.

Natural and sustainable

The Isala hospital is a sustainable building. In the choice of materials sustainability was the main focus after quality. Further important aspects include a long service life and low power consumption, together with brick facades and a combination of marmoleum, natural stone, bamboo, and PVC flooring.

The facade contains 2.2 million hand-moulded bricks. A flying bond with 5 different colours was used for the masonry, among them the Cameo rainbow brick, specially developed for Isala.

Project details:

Developer: Isala Klinieken, Zwolle (NL)
Architect: Alberts & Van Huut bv, Amsterdam (NL)
Contractor: BAM Utiliteitsbouw, Bunnik (NL)
Facing brick: Cameo project colour
Area: 28,000 m²