Technical information

2. E-Board insulation: advantages and technical details

2. E-Board insulation: advantages and technical details

Want to know more about the technical composition of E-Board insulation? We have listed all the specifications and advantages.
  • The E-Board insulation panel is not milled, but moulded. As a result, the panel detailing can be fitted to an accurate finish level.
  • A combination of a hook-and-butt joint and a tongue-and-groove joint guarantees perfect sealing
    between the insulation panels.
  • This unique snap connection automatically creates horizontal and vertical alignment.
  • The moulded panels are extremely rigid.
  • The latest E-Board panels have improved insulation: λ = 0.031 W/mK.
  • Vertical scribe lines facilitate the cutting of the panel.
  • Each panel requires only 5 screws to mount.
  • Pre-drilled holes ensure quick and easy installation.
  • Thanks to dovetail-shaped grooves on the surface of the panel, the adhesive mortar will adhere even better.
  • The alignment ridges provide the perfect way to achieve correct alignment and improved adhesion of the brick slips.
There are panels available for our 4 brick sizes, both for standard brickwork and for a joint-free effect.

EPS is a responsible choice

The E-Board panels are made from EPSHR of which 94% consists of air. The sealed cell structure locks in the air and, as a result, forms an excellent insulator. The material is strong, retains its shape, there is no movement with pressure and it is unaffected by moisture. A responsible choice for your façade renovation.

  • EPS is internally stable and does not lead to cracking.
  • The insulation value of EPS is not reduced over time.
  • EPS is UV insensitive.
  • EPS is 100% recyclable.
  • Of all plastics, EPS is the most ecological insulation material.
  • EPS has a very low lambda value: λ = 0.031 W/mK.

Insulation thickness

With E-Board, you can select a wall insulation thickness of up to 30 cm.