First completed E-Board ZERO project

Authored on 20/04/2012

We first introduced E-Board ZERO, a combination of E-Board panels and ZERO brick slips, at the Batibouw 2012. Without any effort you can create a new and well-insulated exterior wall with a flawless and joint-free appearance. The do-it-yourself kit still contains the same ingredients: brick slips, insulation panels, adhesive and screws. We deliver all these separate parts to your building site.

The first E-Board ZERO project has been completed. The project consists of 3 luxury 2-bedroom apartments. The insulation panels and brick slips were fitted by the actual contractor. Architect Pieter Verjans from Hoeselt explains why he decided on E-Board ZERO: “E-Board ZERO was the best solution to completely renovate the existing exterior wall. We also wanted to incorporate a contrast between light and dark. On the one side there is the smooth, dark eternit plate and on the other side the rough, light Quartis facing brick. This shows the ZERO effect to its best advantage. By making the walls joint-free, you see only the pure brick, which serves to emphasize the contrast.”

E-Board is for both contractors and home improvers alike. If you plan on fitting E-Board yourself, please take a look here at our step-by-step plan.