3 ways to insulate exterior walls

On average 26% of the heat in a typical home escapes through the walls. So insulating your exterior walls will give you more comfort and lower energy bills. Moreover, you will be saving the environment...

Take a look at your house with a new façade

Create an image of the new look & feel of your façade with E-Board panels using the Exterior Makeover façade simulator. You will see an immediate increase in the value of your home with this façade finish.

Calculate price of E-Board package for your façade

In 4 steps you will receive a quote for the insulation and finish of your exterior walls with E-Board...

Make sure the façade is clean and level and secure the wiring before you install E-Brick or E-Board

The walls you want to insulate with E-Board or E-Brick must be spick and span. Also, ensure you have a flat wall surface and do not forget to install the wiring correctly before you start with the façade renovation or new-build façade.