Architect Dreessen builds new villa around 14th century brewery


At first sight the villa in Hoensbroek seems like a completely newly built house. But the façade hides more than the eye can see. The inside of the new villa includes the former brewery of Hoensbroek castle. This old brewery dates back to the year 1300, and the new villa has been built completely around the old part. The owner and the architect opted for light grey facing bricks, argentis, using a flying bond for the masonry.

Despite the fact that permission had been granted to demolish the old brewery, the owner consciously chose to preserve it. The old remains consist of 2 storeys with very attractive brick cross vaults inside. In the new section, many of the ceilings have been built with new bricks. This is intended as a reference by architect Dreessen to the brewery's old brick vaults. These brick ceilings have been made with E-Brick. The architect found this system the easiest and most suitable solution. E-Brick combines an excellent insulation with an attractive brick cladding. The insulating panels are light in weight and easy to install. Another advantage is that the same light grey facing bricks have been used for the E-Brick panels, albeit in the form of brick slips. This gives the impression that the traditional bricks used for the façade continue through to the ceilings.

Architect Dreessen managed to successfully merge the old and the new sections. The beauty of the project is that the new villa fully surrounds the old block. Each room includes a part of the old brewery. Irrespective of where you are in the house, you always have an attractive view of the 14th century old brewery.