Architect Monissen decided on E-Brick for its rapid assembly and its light weight


Architect M. Monissen was in search of a solution for the ceiling cladding for the new offices of building materials trader Bouw Punt Jorissen in Tongeren, Belgium. The architect decided on E-Brick, in combination with traditional masonry for the vertical section.

With a surface area of 360 m² of ceiling cladding, E-Brick has a prominent presence in the new construction of BouwPunt Jorissen. This is because the ceiling covers the entire extent of the building. The wall panels of E-Brick consist of a high-quality PUR insulating material finished with brick slips. Customers have a choice of 2 brick sizes (WF/DF) and approximately 100 colour varieties. Everything is fitted mechanically. BouwPunt Jorissen decided to install 4 cm thick insulation, cladded with Kripto brick slips. The E-Brick system is ATG certified up to a maximum insulation of 14 cm. All panels at BouwPunt Jorissen have been mounted to a subsurface of 18 mm OSB panels which in turn are mounted on a wooden supporting structure.

Fast assembly

Architect Monissen decided on the E-Brick system because of its speedy assembly. Within just barely 2 weeks’ time the people working for contractor Jaraco had fitted all the wall panels. All installations are carried out by contractors approved by Vandersanden Group. These people are experts at their job, fit the panels according to the rules and deliver perfect quality, which is what you want as a future owner.

Lightweight construction and brick appearance

Thanks to the use of E-Brick panels for the overhead masonry, the architect was able to reduce the weight of this structure considerably. Another advantage is that also the ceiling section has been finished with brick, similar to the wall section. In doing so, it was very important to make an attractive, invisible connection between the traditional part and the E-Brick part. Another advantage that is not to be underestimated is the limited thickness of the system in comparison with traditional masonry and insulation.


In addition to the rapid assembly, the use of E-Brick also provides a number of other advantages. For example, it is an ideal way to imitate expensive and labour-intensive overhead masonry using these panels.


Vandersanden Group offers a 10 year product warranty on materials, and naturally the contractor who carried out the work remains liable for the work for a period of 10 years. Finally, E-Brick is also maintenance-free. The decision BouwPunt Jorissen and the architect made in choosing E-Brick was a well-thought-out choice.

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