Architects and housing corporations visit apartment complex constructed with E-Board


In Sittard everyone is currently hard at work to complete the apartment complex Molenbeek. Completion has been scheduled for July 2014. The new construction project consists of 80 apartments and a number of shops on the ground floor. What makes the project so unique is the absence of traditional masonry. The facades will be cladded using the E-Board system. This system consists of a 26 cm thick insulation layer covered with brick slips.

The application of a panel system on a building of this size is quite unique. For this reason, on Thursday 24 April, a number of architects and housing corporations went to visit the project in Sittard. During the visit the focus was on knowledge transfer: “How can we build more cost-efficiently and immediately benefit from high insulation values.” The project enables people to view all the installation phases of E-Board. Positioning the insulation panels, covering them with brick slips and the final result with E-Board.

This construction method is extremely suitable for new constructions, and also very suitable for renovation projects. More and more properties no longer meet the applicable insulation standards and as a result very soon a modernization program is put in place. During the insulation and modernization work, it is important to keep the nuisance to residents to a minimum. The huge advantage of E-Board is that people do not need to leave their house during the renovation work. The use of E-Board guarantees a well-insulated property and a brand new, qualitative facade.

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Project details

Project: Molenbeek, Sittard
Architect: Han Wijnen
Contractor: Jongen Landgraaf
Facing bricks: Water-struck mix of 4 colours: Jura, Viborg, Herning and Kolding

New-build ready: July 2014