E-Board Zero used for urn columns in Dronten (NL)

The architect's vision
The project consists of two urn columns for the cemetery 'De Wissel' in Dronten (NL). Architect's firm Brink & Fleer: “Near the ground the columns are rough and robust, illustrated by the protruding bricks. This refers to the initial phase of life. The middle part has a structured composition, which stands for balance and the balance in relationships. The top is fragile. Life becomes increasingly more vulnerable. The alternation of brick and ‘air’ reaches out to the afterlife.”
To mimic the ‘air’, the architect has used header length mirrors, which create a see-through effect. The top piece appears to be partly open. A remarkable detail is that different thicknesses of headers  and stretchers have been used (short and long sides of the brick).
On the one hand, the architect was looking for a lightweight construction, because of the regulations concerning the foundation. On the other hand, a flexible system was needed to fix the mirrors. For this reason E-Board was the perfect choice.
Project Details:
Architect: Architectenburo Brink & Fleer, Dronten (NL)
Contractor: HediBouw, Biddinghuizen (NL)
Colour of facing bricks: Primula
E-Board: Zero (joint-free), 40 mm
Tower height: 4,65 m