E-Brick for new buildings – Paal, Beringen (BE)


The 1st floor of this new house has a corbelling of no less than 7.5 m. The first weight calculation of the steel structure with facing bricks came to a total of 12.5 tons. “On my search for alternatives to reduce the weight, I came upon E-Brick panels”, says architect Joeri Dautzenberg. “The steel structure was 6 tons lighter and we managed to retain a brick appearance. The costs were reduced considerably, with the same effect and appearance.” Vecto was not our first choice of colour. The future owner was thinking more of Lithium, but the combination with Afzelia wood would not have been ideal. As a result, our final choice was the Intense Vecto brick.

E-Brick for new buildings is the perfect solution in a situation like this. “The product is easy to fit, especially when you consider the panel dimensions. Everything fits perfectly,” according to architect Dautzenberg. The underside of the corbelling has also been clad with E-Brick. “Personally, I think E-Brick is ideal for ceiling applications. You mount the panels with screws and you're done.”

You can choose from a wide colour range of Vandersanden facing bricks. For more information on E-Brick, click here.