Install your own insulation with E-Board


The E-Board insulation system comes as a handy do-it-yourself kit. Insulate your facade and give it a brand new brick look at the same time.

The do-it-yourself kit consists of insulation panels, facing brick slips, adhesive, plugs and other accessories. All the individual components are delivered to your building site by a local building material supplier. E-Board is easy to install. Click here to see the 6 steps for perfect installation of your insulation and brick slips.

Want to start right away? Download the detailed installation instructions for E-Board here.

E-Board panels are made from ECO-EPS. The sealed cell structure locks in the air and therefore forms an excellent insulator. The material is strong, retains its shape and is unaffected by moisture. You can select insulation panels from 40 mm up to even 300 mm thick. All insulation values are easily achieved, even to 'passive house' standards. E-Board can be installed over virtually all types of surfaces: concrete, existing brickwork, wall blocks, plasterwork etc. Even walls without pointing can be achieved using E-Board Zero. These are special insulation panels without ridges.

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