New building project in Bergilers: a sleek, jointless façade with E-Board Zero


Last year contractor Batimmo SPRL from Strépy started with the construction of new, modern apartments in Bergilers. Bergilers is in the north of the Belgian province of Liège. The choice fell on an E-Board façade. In one fell swoop the façade is now both insulated and given an attractive exterior, resulting in significantly lower energy bills. The E-Board system consists of a "DIY" package of high-performance insulation panels, brick slips, screws, glue ... in short, everything you need to finish and insulate the façade to perfection. Thanks to the tongue and groove system, it is easy and simple for do-it-yourself enthusiast as well as contractors to fit the E-Board system. Contractor Batimmo SPRL installed the system at the site in Bergilers. The construction of the walls consists of Ytong, in combination with 8 cm Eco-EPS. There are various insulation thicknesses to choose from, including a combination with rigid insulation panels. This allows you to achieve any insulation value you require, including that of a passive house (U≤ 0,15 W/m²K for walls).

E-Board Zero

For the new apartment complex, the choice fell on E-Board Zero. As with bonded façade bricks, here too a jointless façade was created. The E-Board insulation boards were slightly adjusted, in the sense that the thick, horizontal ridges (as with the standard E-Board system) were omitted. Holding blocks with a string line guarantee that the brick slips are mounted straight and most attractively. In the case of E-Board Zero, the adhesive mortar has a slightly darker colour. This emphasizes the fine lines of shadow across a jointless façade.

For the Bergilers project the brick colour chosen for the façade was Sepia. Brick slips with a thickness of 2 cm were carved from the traditional façade bricks. By positioning and affixing these strips, the outside of the building looks the same as that of a traditional, brick façade and it also meets the same quality standards.

Would you like more information on the price of a 2-in-1 insulation package for your façade or project? Calculate the price yourself with the E-Board calculation tool.

Do you still have some questions on how to fit the E-Board system? Please contact our specialist team or take a look at the guidelines in the E-Board instruction manual.

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