The new E-Board panel


The new panel is made in a mould. This has the great advantage that the panel is 100% waterproof in itself. A V-notch has been provided around the panel. This automatically guarantees a perfect gluing between the panels.

The connection between the panels

You can compare the connection to click laminate. As a result, the panels are always perfectly aligned in relation to each other. They click together perfectly, resulting in excellent waterproofing. The connection contains a built-in drain system. Water that possibly might penetrate, cannot reach the back, but is always redirected to the front.

Additional advantages

Firstly, the panel is much more dimensionally stable. Secondly, the lambda value has been improved and is now 0.031 W/mK. This is the best value on the market. The installation requires only 5 screws instead of 6 screws per panel. Thanks to the preformed notches for the screws, the builder can now use the correct number of screws in the correct place. And lastly, the back of the panel acts as an E-Board Zero panel, for joint-free façade works.


The E-Board DIY kit is delivered directly to you. The tongue and groove system with hook-and-butt joint connection allows you to install the panels yourself, easily, quickly and correctly. You can then fit the brick slips. Adhesive and screws are included. Watch the step-by-step process for installing E-Board.