What is the best way to insulate exterior walls?


Insulating your home improves the comfort of the building, protects the environment and looks after your wallet. You knew that. But did you also know why insulating your exterior walls is the best solution? Simple: it’s because the majority of heat escapes through the walls and the roof. This drives up your energy costs unnecessarily high. In fact, on average, 26% of heat in the home escapes via the walls, 26% via the roof, 20% via the doors and windows, 15% through the ground and 13% through air replenishment and losses related to ventilation. As you can see, the insulation of the exterior walls is very important.

The best way to insulate exterior walls

But what is the best way to insulate exterior walls? There are 3 possible ways:

- Insulating the interior side,
- filling in the air gap,
- or applying insulation to the exterior façade

But one of these methods is the best.
If you insulate the interior side, there will still be thermal bridges at the floor and the ceiling levels. Furthermore, the interior walls no longer accumulate heat and you will lose interior space. What about filling in the cavity wall? In this case, you need to have the work carried out by a professional. Furthermore, the thickness of the insulation is restricted to the space of the cavity wall. Insulating the exterior walls is without doubt the best solution. You are completely enveloping your home with a warm insulating layer. By doing so you avoid the main cause of possible heat loss, namely cold bridges. The insulation of exterior walls provides a continuous insolation layer without energy loss, while the inner walls of the heat accumulating capacity remains optimal. The wall cools down more slowly in the winter and stays cool longer in the summer. Furthermore, you can determine the insulation thickness yourself without loosing any volume of the inside space of your house. The insulation of the exterior walls also brings some practical advantages. You can freely live in your house during the work activities because the construction activities take place outside.

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