Façade finish in blue Belgian limestone: Belstone

In addition to the E-Brick panels with brick slips we also offer ready-to-use insulating panels with Belgian blue limestone. These blue limestone panels were given the name Belstone. They are always divided into 4 pieces of blue limestone with a width of 334 mm and are separated by a joint of 10 mm.

3 ways to insulate exterior walls

On average 26% of the heat in a typical home escapes through the walls. So insulating your exterior walls will give you more comfort and lower energy bills. Moreover, you will be saving the environment...

Animated film E-Brick production process

This animated film will take 36 seconds to show you the production process of E-Brick façade panels...


Take a look at your house with a new façade

Create an image of the new look & feel of your façade with E-Board panels using the Exterior Makeover façade simulator. You will see an immediate increase in the value of your home with this façade finish.