Sustainable production


For Vandersanden Group, sustainable production is a reason to invest in clean energy. The installation of 15,000 solar panels on the roofs of the factories in Hedikhuizen and Spijk will begin this year.

15,000 solar panels

The Belgian factories in Spouwen and Lanklaar have been fitted with solar panels since 2011. This year we are starting work on some of our factories in the Netherlands. Nuon will supply 15,000 solar panels to our factories in Hedikhuizen and Spijk. They will be installed by Nuon’s specialist subsidiary Feenstra. Work will begin at the end of the summer and will last until early 2018.

Sustainable strategy

The factory in Hedikhuizen already uses 100% green energy for production. The extra solar panels will enable us to produce more ourselves. The solar panels on the two factories will have a total installed capacity of over 4 MWp, which is equivalent to around 1000 households. So our bricks will get an extra sustainable side.

Jean-Pierre Wuytack, CEO of Vandersanden Group: “By installing the solar panels, a quarter of our electricity consumption will have been made sustainable. This fits in perfectly with our strategic vision of becoming the most sustainable company in the brick-making industry.”