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New certification: a guarantee of the best quality


We are continuously working hard on maintaining and where necessary improving the highest quality standards for our pavers, which is why we intend to take our external quality controls to a higher level. Over the past period we have been busy switching the HUWA certification. We have ended our association with IKOB and entered into an agreement with KIWA in Rijswijk (NL). KIWA is a quality mark that rates the quality of various systems and products. The criteria applied by KIWA relate especially to the building quality. This independent quality label company currently carries out inspections for all pavers produced by Vandersanden Group.

In addition, we have been awarded the DUBO hallmark by NIBE (Netherlands Institute for Construction Biology and Ecology) for our Bretagne and Médoc pavers. This certificate proves that our products are one of the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable choices.

These certificates enable us to meet the increasingly stringent legal requirements.