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Project Meerrijk, Eindhoven (NL)


The Meerrijk project in Eindhoven offers a variety of homes in quiet and green surroundings. On one side the project borders on to the Meerland Park. On the other side Meerrijk has a lively centre with plenty of facilities within easy reach. The total project provides space for approximately 19,000 m² of shops, hotels, restaurants and cafés, health care, welfare and service centres. Approximately 450 owner-occupied apartments and houses are being built and almost 240 apartments for rent.

Meerrijk is a symbol of the cooperation between the Vandersanden Bricks and HUWA Straatbaksteen departments. Vandersanden Group has supplied both the facing stones and the pavers. And the result is amazing.

The dwellings, apartments and shops in Meerrijk are being built in phases. The shopping centre is now open. And you can view several different show houses. Phase 1 has now been completed. And as things are going now, completion of phase 2 is planned for the end of 2012.