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Vandersanden Group plays the leading part in the Shakespeare Theatre (Gdansk, PL)


In 1991 the Foundation Theatrum Gedanense had the idea to reconstruct the 17th century Elizabethan theatre. The Foundation, of which Prince Charles of Wales is the chairman, wished to regenerate the cultural life in Gdansk. After an international competition in 2004, the concept submitted by the Italian architect Renato Rizzi was selected from 40 proposals. His innovative approach for the reconstruction of historic buildings was the deciding factor. Parts of the 17th century theatre building, integrated into a modern style, characterize the interior and the specific spatial relationship between the stage and the audience. The CEO of the Shakespeare Theatre, Jerzy Limon, describes it as follows: “The architect has created an architectural treasure chest with a lid that opens. Inside, a delicate wooden Elizabethan interior has been copied. When the lid is open, the performances are staged in daylight; when closed, artificial light is used.”

Morvan facing bricks were chosen for the facade material, which perfectly reflects the theme of the whole project. Brick is a well-known and timeless material that has been applied on a large scale for many centuries. And it perfectly matches the historic buildings of Gdansk. The black colour represents strength and durability. HUWA paving will be laid all around the theatre, also in the colour Morvan.

The project will be financed by the European Regional Development Fund as part of Infrastructure and Environment. The new Shakespeare Theatre is due to open in July 2014.