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Joint-free bricklayinge

Discover the secret of Zero. Traditionally laid building bricks with joint-free appearance.

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New bricks with their typical surface structure and special colour effects.

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Make your own collection of inspiring residences and projects using building bricks.

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Why choose Huwa brick pavers?e

A 100% natural product. The unique spacers ensure a smooth installation and perfect drainage.

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Facing brickse

Looking for bricks for sale? Read all about the bricks, brick slips of Vandersanden Group.

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Video: 15 surprising facts about bricke

Brick is a natural product, that is sustainable during all phases of its life cycle.

How ecological is brick?
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Renovating and insulating with E-Boarde

E-Board 2-in-1 insulation system to insulate your exterior walls and give them a brick finish

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Vandersanden Group acquires 3 factories in the Netherlands and 1 in Germany.

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Vandersanden Group acquires 3 factories in the Netherlands and 1 in Germany

Create your own brick pattern with Signae

An innovative and fast exterior wall cladding system offering limitless creativity with brick.

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