2/12: Calculating the course size

Calculating the course size

Take 10 random bricks from at least 4 different packs and stack them vertically on top of each other. Measure the height, divide it by 10 and add the average joint thickness (minimum 3, maximum 5). The result is the dimension of the course.

Calculation example:
The total height of 10 stones is 510 mm. The size of the course is 510 mm divided by 10 is 51 mm. Add to that an average joint thickness of 4 mm and the size of your course is 55 mm.

Calculate the size of the courses using only the bricks that have been delivered to your building site. The size of ZERO® bricks may vary slightly between production sites and production batches.

Determine the dimensions of the courses for each colour you are using.


  • Use the calculated dimensions to make a ruler. You can then use it for the entire construction job, so your stretcher bond will run in a straight course and to avoid the need to grinding into the bricks when finished.
  • Always remove the bricks diagonally from a pack and mix bricks from at least 4 packs.
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