9/12: Installing joists and lintels in 2 different ways

Installing joists and lintels in 2 different ways

There are 2 ways to install joists or lintels.

  1. Visible lintel or joist
  2. Place the ZERO® brick on the lintel or wall support with the frog (special indent) facing upwards. Take into account the dimensions of the course. The thickness of the lintel or wall support needs to be subtracted from the brick below the support. This means the casing will also need to be set lower. The upright sides of the brick can then be removed.

  3. Non-visible lintel or joist
    Place the ZERO® bricks upside-down on the wall support (with the frog or indent facing downwards). To ensure a continuous course, the support must be installed in a sufficiently high position. The height depends on the thickness of the support. Use adhesive to fix the course above the reversed ZERO® course.


  • Apply the stones on the lintel/wall support directly onto the steel. This will prevent any damage caused by the steel expanding.
  • Observe a clearance of at least 10 mm, as the wall support may bend.
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