ECO brick slips
So much lighter for the environment

Sustainable as well as aesthetically pleasing walls? Of course that's possible! Use of the ECO brick slips reduces your ecological footprint even further.

Brick slips as ecological first choice

Brick slips are 2 cm thick slips of original facing bricks and as such have the same characteristics as the facing bricks. Moreover, they are lightweight and very easy to use in combination with insulation systems such as E-Board® and façade systems as Signa®.

ECO brick slips

Our unique ECO brick slips take efficiency one step further than the current sawn brick slips. Instead of being cut from full bricks, they are directly formed in special moulds and fired as slips. This results in even less wastage of materials, raw materials and energy. The new ECO brick slips are a threefold win: ecologically, aesthetically and financially.

Cutted brick slips

Cladding façades with cutted brick slips is a sustainable and ecological alternative for the use of traditional brick. Using the same number of bricks, it is possible to cover a larger surface area, while there is also more room for insulation. While already a smart and lean building choice, it is possible to be even more environmentally friendly.