Project Curia Center: Metamorphosis of a postal sorting centre

Authored on 13/11/2013

The Curia Center project in Hasselt (BE) is due to be completed in November. Architect Urban Dots Studio took on the project of transforming the old postal sorting centre. The result is a conversion of the existing sorting centre, in combination with an additional 3 floors built on the roof. All floors will be used as offices, apart from the top floor which can be converted into two lofts. The ground floor will accommodate a pub and/or restaurant.

Unique and colourful facade pattern provides renewed streetscape

With a total facade length of 70 m, this building is iconic within the currently slightly run-down station area. The facade pattern reflects the shorter facades in the area, and their colours and textures. The exterior wall cladding of the new building is exceptional because of the use of the E-Brick facade system, in combination with coloured fibre cement cladding panels. The ready-made E-Brick insulating panels are lined with brick slips. The high-quality PUR insulation can be obtained in a 4 to 14 cm thickness. For this project an insulation thickness of 6 cm was chosen in combination with a Lithium facing brick in the '65mm' brick size. A nice detail: the E-Brick insulation panels were mounted both horizontally and vertically.

The starting point for the Curia Center was to design a building that with its renewed look would not present any annoying traces of the past or carry obvious signs of a conversion project. The project aims to be flexible in design so that many different functions remain available, both in the construction phase and after completion. Urban Dots Studio is convinced it has created a new look and feel that can be used by its new users to profile their office or product to the outside world.