Vandersanden achieves ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system

The certification body IKOB-BKB recently awarded us the ISO 14001 environmental certificate. Internal and external audits have established that the environmental management system within all branches of Vandersanden Group meets the ISO 14001 standard.
What does the ISO 14001 standard involve?
Vandersanden Group aims to achieve sustainable entrepreneurship. We aim to comply with legislation and environmental regulations to improve the environmental performance of the company.
What does this mean in practice?
All tasks relating to these goals have been integrated into procedures. These are all part of the environmental management system. In addition to these procedures, the system also contains an analysis of the environmental risks and a plan to reduce these risks. The ISO 14001 standard specifies how to compile this system. When setting it up, the organization must take a number of rules into account. An external certification body is responsible for inspecting the company to check that the rules are actually being applied. This adds to the professional nature of the inspections and highlights the social importance of environmentally responsible entrepreneurship.